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Sint Maarten and particularly Simpson Bay Lagoon is a haven for mega-yachts of every description. Some are charter vessels and others are privately owned by wealthy individuals. As the winter season progressed more and more of these monster boats arrived in the lagoon. The following two photos are of the megayacht “Lady Lola” and her companion supply ship “Lady Lola’s Shadow“. The shadow carries all the “toys” including a helicopter and a three-person submarine among other
things. For more information on “Lady Lola” see our Favorites page.

Nov '04 - "Lady Lola" and her Shadow - click to enlargeNov '04 - "Lady Lola" Submarine -  click to enlarge


Snow Goose” is a incredibly large sailing mega-yacht that was dismasted (broken mast) on her way here. To truly appreciate the size of this boat, click to enlarge the picture and then note the size of the person in the dinghy beside the yacht.

Nov '04 - Dismasted "Snow Goose" - click to enlarge

All of these mega-yachts need to go through a small channel and under a small opening bridge (built in Canada) to enter Simpson Bay Lagoon. The largest charter motor yacht to enter this winter had barely 3 feet of room to spare on each side and unfortunately it scraped a five foot ding in the hull on the way in. Here’s a shot of a much smaller mega-yacht leaving the lagoon.

Jan '05 - Mega-yacht leaving the lagoon - click to enlarge